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June 27, 2011

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You may be asking yourself: What is “tagging”? “Tagging” is an exciting, interactive feature of the OAAP. It is a tool that allows teachers, researchers, and students to create their own groupings of documents under the feature “Community Tags.” By creating a login, users can assign key words to individual documents. They and other users can browse through and return to this grouping according to the terms created. Important to the OAAP’s mission, “tagging” is a way for users to be part of the archiving process. It allows them to create an archive within the archive for their own research and pedagogical purposes. This is a free service of the archive that can be used in a variety of useful ways.

Why “tag”? Teachers can assign key terms for their classrooms and create classroom activities that advise their students to browse through these terms. For instance, if a teacher wants students to choose from a variety of documents concerning studies of the Mexican-American War, they can search the archive and “tag” items with “Mexican-American War.” This tag will show up on the front page of the OAAP web page under “Community Tags.” For scholars, “tagging” is also useful. By creating a tag, scholars can group documents so that each time they return to the archive, they do not have to search for the documents they have been studying.

How does one “tag” you say? Easy! If you are using this feature for the first time, you will need to create a username, password, and include an email address. Once again this feature is free and will not sign you up for any spam or unwanted random emails. To sign up, simply find a document you want to tag, click tag in the upper right hand corner and a screen will appear to either sign-in or create an account. Click on the blue highlighted link “Create One” to create an account.

To “tag” a document, begin by searching the archive for documents. When you find one that you want to archive, look to the upper right hand corner of the screen and select the button “tag.” Sign in under your username and password. Type in a key word under which to archive this document for further use. If this word is a compound noun or a series of words, be sure to connect it with some kind of dash or underscore. For example, see “Spanish_Colonialism.” In case you are wondering, you can tag documents with more than one word. Simply, insert a space between key words.

When you return to the OAAP website, you will see on the right part of the screen a list of the “OAAP Concepts” and “Community Tags.”

Click on “Community Tags” and find your key word(s) listed. Select the key word and find the documents you tagged easily accessible.

To explore this feature, visit the OAAP website and Tag Away!

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